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I'm crazy but you like it.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Kinda Sorta Almost Mostly Speak Like A Cajun

Went back to Maurepas (mar~paw), La this weekend to stay at my sister's house. I really love Louisiana more than I could ever really say, and though my heritage doesn't really qualify me as truly "Cajun," I will self-proclaim that I am, because it's generally more understood and associated with the manner and customs I grew up with. People understand the word "Cajun."

Being "Cajun" means a few things for me
1) it's impossible for me to exactly follow any recipe...or write one down.
2)I have small revelations each time I go home. Such as "if your vehicle ran outta gas on the way to make groceries, it would be much easier to paddle that vehicle than it would be a push it. Hence the ingenious of floating villages and waterways as highways.
3)I never knew of a potato masher. And even now that I do, I still use a glass.
4)I don't waste much, I reuse as much as I can.
5) My good pots and pans are cast iron, and I NEVER wash them

There's probably many more. My main concern about not living in Louisiana anymore is that my accent, which I was so proud of, has dissipated. When I go back down and then come back to TX, I stutter. And this is why:

How to Mostly Kinda Sorta Speak like a South Louisianian.

Drink 1/2 of a 5th of vodka.. It will help to naturally slur your voice. We like to put as little effort as possible into talking. That means skipping lotsa vowels and combinin words that could otherwise be recognized without some unecessary components.

Change any sound that involves a long "i" sound to an "aw" sound. Think How ya doin? Howzya momma an' em'?" "Oh, dey fawn."

Don't worry bout any usual rules of the English language. Double negatives are completely fine (fawn). Notice i said "Make groceries" earlier in this post. Makes perfect sise in south Louisiana. it means grocery (groshree) shopping (shawpin).

My sister lives in Maurepas. Read that ya'll: "Maw-paw." there's only a slight hint of an "R" anywhere in there.
Ya know how Canadians are known for sayin "Eh" at the end of thoughts? Our equivalent is "yeah" at the end of any thought warranting enthusiasm or concern. "You heard bout dat wreck down by Marchand's? It was a nasty one, yeah!"

And they shall be called "Cher." pronounced "sha."

When asking dircetions...in some areas....you will be on the receiving end of something like this:

"You go up da by-ya (bayou) a ways, then turn leff (left) ownnuh (on the) crawsroad (crossroad) then come back downnuh (down the) by-ya and lookin fuh dem beat up mailboxes an deyyago! (there you go!)

Go forth and speak easy. Cher!

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