I'm crazy but you like it.

I'm crazy but you like it.
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I'm not a hippie, but i don't like polluting the earth I love the study of ergonomics. And biology. And sociology. I hate politics. I truly have an amazing husband. He spoils me without me asking. He doesn't even give me a chance to forget how amazing he is. I have baggage. I'm not ashamed of it. I love coffee. French Market Coffee. I change everyday

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Let me start off by saying this...I can't really stand Italian food. I like cooking things that make me feel like I created artwork, and leave me feeling light after I eat it. Most of the time. That means little or no dairy. Or pasta. Or grease. Except for my mom's CHicken N Dumplins, or her Roast N rice N gravy. Or my Pound Cake. That's right...MY Pound Cake. The first recipe I've ever concocted by myself that is brilliantly successful.

Tonight, I made California Rolls. Super easy thanks to THIS YouTube video:

I didn't even have a bamboo mat, either. I MacGyver'd one by putting saran wrap around a sale paper. Pretty nifty, eh. I'm resourceful like that! (don't tell anyone i walked around WalMart for an hour looking for one, though. they were just selling them a week and a half ago!)

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