I'm crazy but you like it.

I'm crazy but you like it.
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I'm not a hippie, but i don't like polluting the earth I love the study of ergonomics. And biology. And sociology. I hate politics. I truly have an amazing husband. He spoils me without me asking. He doesn't even give me a chance to forget how amazing he is. I have baggage. I'm not ashamed of it. I love coffee. French Market Coffee. I change everyday

Friday, November 5, 2010

Starting a blog

I've always wanted to start a blog, but I always figured that I'd have to do it like everyone else does...consistently. Being consistent is a forced thing for my personality. I could lie and say that I'm consistent because I just am that way, but ti's really not true. I have to try every moment of the day to maintain some sort of pattern for the sake of my own sanity, not to mention everyone else's!
So this blog will become one of those things that really goes the way I want it to. It will never be finished, and that's okay. I can come back to it when I want to, and not come back to it when I don't have the time. And right now I don't have time, so I'll come back to it later..

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