I'm crazy but you like it.

I'm crazy but you like it.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

People I admire....

Sharon Osbourne

After Lollapalooza told Ozzy that he wasn't cool enough and too drugged up to play there, Sharon flipped them the finger by setting up her own damn concert tour, Ozzfest. She's a backbone behind her husband, and she "don't take no shit." And she's admiringly graceful in the process. Plus, she's married to Ozzy, and that looks to be sort of an eccentric position to hold down in and of itself....so kudos to Sharon for always being strong, graceful sweet, and enduring. She always has something nice to say, and always stands her ground.

will add more later!

Natalie Portman

There's nothing this woman can't do! A Bachelor's in Psychology from Harvard while filming Star Wars; speaks Hebrew, and also studied Japanese, German, French, and Spanish; um...Star Wars!; social activist; picture of health; never vain and always beautiful; soft-spoken and very intelligent beyond her years. You just can't not love her!

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