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I'm crazy but you like it.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

My plans for our house...

LIst format! yay. will post "before" photos soon.

Dining room=banquet seating

living room=big sectional w/ chaise lounge-charcoal grey, structured, squared off, but still very soft and comfy. 
         Mount tv over mantle. 
        use wall where tv is now for family photos and to showcase some of my blue glass.

speaking of walls, i thought that it would be so awesome to showcase some of my favorite family photos in an eye level line all the way around the house in some little 2"X2" frames, chronologically from front door

crown moulding

 white, black, grey color scheme w/ blue accents.
     -paint cabinets white
     -corrugated metal backsplash
     -black granite countertops
     -inside of cabinets and pantry electric blue
     -blue pendant lights over island
     -replace stove

our bathroom

-build all tile steam shower for michael
-claw foot tub for me
-closet revamp-cubbies, heel racks, the works!

-build front patio- slate floor, cover with pergola painted to match trim
-build pergola around east side of the house to accommodate a brick path, with vines covering all of it. 
-continue that pergola to extend the back patio and a brick pathway leading to stand alone pergola 
-upgrade stand alone pergola by painting it white, putting a double chaise lounge underneath it, covering it with wisteria, putting some more shrubbery around it. 

yep, our house is gonna be really awesome in about...7 years or so!

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